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highly durable, injectable, waterproof, particulate

Russian product «MICROCEMENT (М>900)», is amongst analogues of world-wide known brands, such as OTDV «Microdur» and MV «Microleg». Microcement is developed together with institute of synthetic polymer materials of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Ideal for injecting - parting size D50 ≤ 10 mkm, D95 ≤ 16 mkm

  • Withstands load - 250% more than (M500)

  • Waterproof - water is unable to pass into pores of the concrete.

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Field of application

Used as a base

  • strengthening and waterproofing of construction stuctrures (piles, foundations, brick base);
  • injections into joints, stitches, contacts, micro-fractures, foundation-soil;
  • restoration work, strengthening of brick and stone constructions;
  • construction of underground objects (tunnels, mines, metro, bomb shelters);
  • preparation of mixtures for flooring, decorative wall work;
  • creation of new materials with unique penetrating ability;
  • strengthening and waterproofing of rocks and soil;
  • construction of hydro-structures (bridges, dams, berths);
  • creation of waterproof concrete reservoirs.
  • strengthening of dirt, besieged rocks and waste;
  • stopping capillary humidity increase;
  • stopping underground water channels;
  • impregnation of sandy soils;
  • road repair.
Mining industry

where it is impossible to go without stabilizing the soil and creating protection from soil waters

Underground construction

(tunnels, caves, mines), it is widely used in preliminary and subsequent excavation injections,

Civil construction

where injected into joints, stitches, contacts and micro-fractures.

«MICROCEMENT» (М>900) in use

Soil hardening

Sandy and moving soils can be solidified with microcement. Under pressure, microcement is mixed with soil, as a result mixture hardens and becomes immobile. Microcement can be injected into the coin in a few ways:

- injections – a hole is drilled, through which cement mixture is pumped. Often used for humid soil.
- Blasting method - delivery of microcement is made through the tube. This way, soil is mixed with microcement and solidifies. This method is expensive and requires the use of high-cost equipment.

Restoration work

Usage of injection microcement allows to effectively repair, rebuild and strengthen historical buildings and other structures. Injection microcement is widely used in this field, the result is long lasting and of high quality.


Injection is made with high-pressure progressing cavity pump. Solution is made 30-40 minutes before application. Ready solution should be constantly mixed. Lifetime of created mixture depends on its volume and surrounding environment.

Manufacture of new materials

Due to micro particles, microcement is made to create new materials. It also allows for addition of plasticizers and other additives.

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